Firebase and Me

Firebase is a cloud services provider and backend as a service company based in San Francisco, California. The company makes a number of products for software developers building mobile or web applications. - Wikipedia

For some reason, I really like Firebase. It's nice and easy to use. Not only it make me easier to develop an app (native and web), I actually got a lot of stuffs from them. Stuffs, physical stuffs.

Static Showdown 2016

The Static Showdown is a worldwide virtual competition where teams of up to four have 48 hours to build a web app with one catch: entries must be built without any custom server-side code. That means 100% HTML, JS, CSS, and off-the-shelf back-end services like the Firebase Database. (Source)

I am a front-end web developer. When I saw this competition on Twitter, I was like: "wow this is awesome, i am going to join this hackathon!" Funny enough this is my second time joining hackathon, the first one is MMU Hackerspace Hackathon.

And this is what I done in 48 hours: GitHub Issues Voter. It's a Progressive Web Apps that allow you to upvote or downvote to any GitHub issues you interested. This web app is built with Polymer and Firebase.

Why GitHub Issues Voter

First, I don't like the design of I am a huge fan of Material Design. This is the main reason why I implement Material Design on this web app. Now, it's looks nicer and responsive.

Second, it's quite hard to "support" an issue in order to bring the attention of the repo's owner. I bring this upvote and downvote system to my web app.

Third, I need to create something in order to join and win this hackathon. And this is why I am building this awesome web app.


Ok, let make this story simple. This open letter for Github : Dear GitHub became viral last month. One of the problem they mentioned in the page were:

Issues often accumulate content-less “+1” comments which serve only to spam the maintainers and any others subscribed to the issue. These +1s serve a valuable function in letting maintainers know how widespread an issue is, but their drawbacks are too great. We’d like issues to gain a first-class voting system​, and for content-less comments like “+1” or “me too” to trigger a warning and instructions on how to use the voting mechanism.

To be honest, I didn’t realized this thing until @piotrkubisa (from StaticShowdown Slack Group) told me this after the submission of the project. And this vote feature, which is EXACTLY the main feature of this web app : GitHub Issues Voter ​!

And the winner is...

Ok. So the winner is Tobias Bueschel. This is what he built:
"Nibbl VR Tour - Nibbl gives its users the ability to visit their dream destinations in virtual reality in the comfort of their own living room."

That is an awesome web app. I love that idea also.

Yep. I won the hackathon too. Not the first prize, but the Best Progressive Web App. Best day ever :)

... and Addy Osmani ❤ my tweet! hooray!


So according to this website, I won 3 months free Travis CI Start Up plan, $449 off for 6 months from Firebase, Moto 360 Sport , IoT Kit and a Static Showdown T-shirt. Pretty cool right?

So that was March 2016, and the time I am writing this post is almost June 2016, and i haven't received my prizes yet. Hmm...

Firebass Challenge

Yep. No 'typo' here. It's Firebass! The next competition: Firebass Challenge. And I found this competition (I think) one day after Google I/O 2016. I was like: "do it! DO IT! JUST DO IT!!!"

So what the heck is this firebass challenge? What you need to do is go to this website : Break the puzzles. That's it. Simple right?

If you want to know more about this, read this article by Mark S.

Challenge Accepted

insert the meme here

So I challenge myself to break the puzzle. The reason is quite simple :

Hey! Free ticket to Google I/O 2017! Why not? For those don't know what is Google I/O, Google I/O is an annual software developer-focused conference held by Google in San Francisco, California. This year, it took place in Shoreline Amphitheater, right behind the Google H/Q: Googleplex.

The conference ticket is expensive: USD900 for general admission ticket, USD300 for academic ticket, USD 300 for Community Partner ticket.

Pro Bass Finders

The Firebass Challenge (the “Contest”) is a skill contest where participants are asked to find clues that are hidden inside digital assets. Every clue will lead the participants to additional hidden assets and/or clues. In order to find the clues the participants should have a background in computer science. There are total 25 screens that will be divided into 3 parts, starting at the domain and continuing on to the domain.

25 screens, 3 parts. I managed to break the all puzzles. It's super fun!

If you want to know how I break the puzzles, read this.

And... This is the result:
The first email from Firebase

So I got the first email from Firebase. They ask us to reply the email and include our first name and last name in the email.

2 days later, I received another email from Google ([email protected]) and ...
... and Firebase & Jacob ❤ my tweet! Hooray!


I have to totally no idea what should I do right now. The flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore to SF is around USD 1000, super expensive! Maybe it's time to find some part time? Freelance? ... and i am still a student. LOL. Or maybe I should ask university to sponsor me? or crowdfund? hmm...

Anyway, a big thanks to Firebase and Google for... everything! ❤ ❤ ❤

Next Post : Google and me (Coming Soon)